VFX Patrick Osborne to helm Paramount's ‘Monument Valley’ feature

Patrick Osborne to direct Paramount Pictures’ ‘Monument Valley’ feature

Paramount Pictures has brought Academy-award winning director Patrick Osborne (Disney’s Feast, 2014) on board, to helm Monument Valley, a hybrid CG/live-action feature film based on the popular mobile game from Ustwo Games. (according to Deadline).

Co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures, the film draws a lot from Monument Valley that first launched on mobile devices in 2014. The game allowed players to navigate optical illusions and impossible objects in a world inspired by Japanese prints, minimalist sculpture, M.C. Escher drawings, and other indie games such as Fez and Sword & Sworcery.

‘Monument Valley 2’ game

The 2017 sequel, Monument Valley 2, built on the original game with more story-driven narratives, telling the tale of a mother and child as they embark on a journey of discovery.

“Monument Valley is a one of a kind experience, at once small in its meditative, simple gameplay, as well as enormous in its sense of history, I’m privileged to be handed the reins to Ida’s mysterious kingdom, to play in her world of impossible architecture where seeing things differently is everything. I am thrilled to bring this unique world to theaters with the talented storytellers of Paramount and Weed Road,” Osborne told Deadline.

Patrick Osborne

Osborne is currently working on his first feature film for Fox Animation, Nimona, an animated action-adventure adapted from the web-comic and graphic novel of the same name by Noelle Stevenson. Nimona is slated for release in early 2020.

Paramount’s current production slate also includes Wonder Park, (to arrive in theaters on 15 March 2019) the CG-animated feature, Nickelodeon Movies and Ilion Animation Studios. Goldsman is set to produce the project, which will be overseen by Paramount’s Elizabeth Raposo and Weed Road’s Greg Lessans.