‘One-Punch Man’ goes viral for its stunning fan manga art

One-Punch Man is a Japanese animated series based on a manga from ONE. The manga series was released online by in 2009. A remake was released in Tonari no Young Jump and in Weekly Shonen Jump magazines on 14 June 2012, with an animated series being released on 5 October 2015, in TV Tokyo, Animax Asia, and Adult Swim.

The third season is speculated to be released by the end of 2020. Though the pandemic outbreak has adversely affected the anime industry and everyone has announced about the delay, One Punch Man has no official updates till now. A release in 2021 is highly expected and looked forward to by the fans.

The story is about a superhero, Saitama, who is so strong that he can knock down anyone with just a single punch. But such power also makes him bored and wants an enemy contender who is strong enough to challenge him. He seeks for an opponent with whom he can fight for a little longer.

A Twitter user shared the impressive manga panel from One-Punch Man that showed Saitama baring witness to the arrival of Lord Boros and the rest of his alien army via their incredibly detailed space ship that descended upon the world, looking to conquer the planet and eradicate humanity in one fell swoop.

No trailer orteaser has been released till now, but a film adaptation as announced by Sony’s Columbia Pictures is under development. Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner will be the writers of the film, which will be produced by Avi Arad.