Fans recreate Ghibli characters in a viral challenge

Studio Ghibli which was founded 34 years ago has cemented itself as one of the best animation film studios in the business. Princess Mononoke (1997), My Neighbor Totoro (1998), Spirited Away (2001), and other movies it produced became instant classics, winning numerous awards and, most importantly, touching hearts all over the world. Twitter user Kadeart challenged the internet to redraw its famous characters in their own style. People have been sharing their fanart under the hashtag #GhibliRedraw, and some of them are so good, even the studio’s icon Hayao Miyazaki would probably approve them. Ghibli movies can be watched over and over again by kids and adults alike. There is always some mystery around the characters and it only adds to the curiosity and fascination of Ghibli fans all across the globe.