New ‘Iron Fist’ season two trailer reveals Danny Rand has found his match

Even though Iron Fist was released to largely negative reviews and responses last year, the trailer of the second season is enough to believe that the second outing of the mystic defender is going to be several notches above the first. The latest feature trailer has plenty of elements for the fans to dissect and introspect, but most notably, we can see the immortal Iron Fist finding his match this time around. Some ghosts of the past re-emerge just as Danny and Colleen try to settle down in New York as friend-turned-foe Davos is back to settle some scores. He and Iron Fist had a breakdown of relationship towards the tail end of the first season when the former went against Danny’s wishes and killed the antagonist Bakuto, only to later reveal his envy of watching Danny become the immortal Iron Fist instead of him. Davos certainly has a bone to pick with Danny, and now he’s not only back to seek redemption, but also back as the pantomime Steel Serpent with powers that can match the latter’s. And that’s not all, the story line of the new season also takes us through certain unknown secrets of the K’un-Lun while we also get a brief vision of a mummified body of an ancient Iron Fist too. Comprising of only 10 episodes, the new season of Iron Fist teases better choreographed fight sequences and also attempt to establish Danny’s backstory as it tries to address some of the prominent criticisms of the first season. Based on Marvel Comics, Iron First season two premieres on Netflix on 7 September 2018.