New English trailer and dub cast revealed for ‘Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms’

A new English dub cast and English dubbed trailer for Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms have been revealed by Eleven Arts Anime Studio. On 21 September, the film will be released in English which had made its premiere in Japanese at theatres across North America in July. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is the directorial debut of renowned screenwriter Mari Okada. The film’s major focus is upon the dilemmas of motherhood, adolescence, femininity, and leadership. Okada has justified his work by building well-developed characters, adding emotions, offering stunning visuals, and backing it with exciting music composed by Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell). The film premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival captivated the audiences. At Shanghai International Film Festival, the film has won the Best Animated Film Award. Synopsis: Far from the lands of men, the long-lived people of Iorph weave the threads of human fate into a fabric called Hibiol. Here, an orphan named Maquia lives an oddly lonesome existence despite being surrounded by beloved friends — but everything is thrown into chaos when a Mezarte army and their dragons come to reap the Iorphs’ powers of longevity with violence. Managing to escape, Maquia finds a baby boy left alone in the world by the carnage. She takes him to raise as her own, names him Ariel, and watches him grow up as she herself retains the form of a young girl. The English-language cast for the movie includes Xanthe Huynh as Maquia, Eddy Lee as Ariel, Ryan Shanahan as Teen Ariel, Barnaby Lafayette as Child Ariel, Cherami Leigh as Leilia, Kevin T. Collins as Krim, Michael Schneider as Lang, Allegra Clark as Mido, Ryan Bartley as Dita, Lipica Shah as Racine, Marc Thompson as Izor, Brooklyn Nelson as Medmel, Courtney Chu as Young Medmel, Daniel J Edwards as Barou, Spencer Rosen as Young Lang, Catie Harvey as Young Dita, Micah Gursoy as Young Deol, Mike Pollock as Mazarte King, Michael Schneider as Prince Hazel, HD Quinn as Darel, Ryan Bartley as Old Woman, Lolita Lafayette as Proprietress, Marc Thompson as Baiera King, Pheobe Quinn as Millia, AnnaBelle Deaner as Lily, Wayne Grayson as Hyke, Graham Halstead as Riko, Christian La Monte as Jack, and Ben Phillips as Eido. Here is the English dubbed trailer of the anime: