New comic series on DC’s ‘Catwoman’ set to release this summer

Catwoman is set to get a new comic treatment as Joelle Jones is roped in to write and draw the new comic book series on the DC character, as the publishers reportedly made the announcement at the weekend’s Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Best known for her award-winning black comedy series Lady Killer, Jones has the experience of sketching Selina Kyle (the alter ego) previously for several Batman issues in which the character made an appearance. The American artist apparently got a call from DC after the success of Lady Killer and in the Talent Development Workshop, wrote one issue about Catwoman that embraces the “dark side” of her. The publishers resonated with it and quickly decided to spin a whole series around it. Famously known as the Dark Knight’s alleged love interest, Catwoman comics return after a gap of two years as the previous series of the character was launched with DC’s New 52 Reboot and ran for five years till its culmination in 2016. Jones’ issue would be the fourth series and is set to hit the shelves on 4 July 2018.