Netflix confirms the number of episodes for the Vertigo Comics adaptation ‘The Sandman’

Earlier this week, it was revealed that DC/Vertigo Comics series The Sandman is turning into a live-action adaption at Netflix, and that the streaming giant has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Warner Bros. for its production. However, no details about it’s script or the number of episodes emerged. But Neil Gaiman, the award-winning writer who penned the comic series and who will now serve as the executive producer as well as co-write the adaptation, took to Twitter soon after the news broke and shared some more details about the upcoming series. Gaiman confirmed The Sandman will run for 11 episodes, and would be premised on the book’s first story arc Preludes and Nocturnes, though he averred that a script it yet to be written. “I’m hoping we can make something on television that feels as personal and true as the best of the Sandman comics did,” Gaiman explained. “Just set thirty years later than the Sandman comic.” “The first season will be eleven episodes. That’s the start of it all. Preludes and Nocturnes and a little bit more,” Gaiman further added. Developed by Allan Heinberg, who also serves as the series’ showrunner, a premier date for the The Sandman series is yet to confirmed.