Girgit Studios’ animated short, ’09: 09 F’ to be screened in Rio de Janeiro

Girgit Studios’ animated short titled 09: 09 F is selected officially at Anima Mundi, the second biggest animation festivals in the world and one of the Academy awards qualifier festivals. This year the festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 17 to 21 July. ” Our work getting screened in front of animation enthusiasts and professionals at this festival and knowing that it’s the only film from India is a really big deal. We are eager to see their reactions and feedback on the film,” said 09:09F executive producer and Girgit Studios co-founder Swarup Deb. The animated short is a journey in a local train of Mumbai showing the universal human behaviour where an outsider struggles to make space for himself. Directed by Avinash Medhe with creative producer Anuj Kumar and music by Roto Shah, the short depicts the bitter truth struggle Mumbaikars face everyday to earn bread and butter. Medhe has managed to give apt and relatable lyrics for the end credits music. “Using the example of journey in a Mumbai’s local train I am presenting a slice of life  trying to point at the attitude of people and allow the audience to get an objective third point of view to realize how overlapping right and wrong can be and judge where they stand,” added Medhe. Kudos to Girgit Studios team for being the only Indian film being selected for screening at Anima Mundi. The studio has released the teaser of the making of the short and it looks exciting.