Meta Media to distribute Korea’s animated series in Europe

The new Korean animated series Bread Barbershop has been taken up by London-based Meta Media Entertainment, which has now been appointed as distributor of the series. The CGI comedy is aimed at six to 10 year olds and set in a world populated by anthropomorphised foodstuffs, who seek out our carb-loaded hero to get decoration makeovers. The hero of Bread Barbershop is a slice of bread who is a master cake decorator. All the cupcakes in town come to his barbershop to have their edible coiffures styled. Using his unrivaled skill and ingenuity, his makeovers transform the lives of his customers, who come to him with all the imaginable problems a cupcake might have — and a few unimaginable ones as well. Either way, nothing which can’t be solved by a quick makeover… or should that be cakeover? Produced by Monster Studio, the series debuted in Korea in 2019 on KBS and Tooniverse. In the first year the show has amassed over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 95 million views. On TikTok, Bread Barbershop has nearly one million followers, 9.6M likes and their most-watched clip has had 8.8M views.