VFX Marvel's 'Dardevil' season three first official trailer: Gory, grisly, gruesome

Marvel’s ‘Dardevil’ season three first official trailer: Gory, grisly, gruesome

And there you have it! The first official trailer of Daredevil season three we were all eagerly waiting for. From a couple of teaser posters to prompt spotlight clips, we now have the full-blown extract from the upcoming series, and boy it’s horrifying!

Loosely adapted from the comic chapter Born Again, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen gears up for his third outing as Kingpin too, is all set to come back from his incarceration. And apparently, this might be the bloodiest season yet, as Matt Murdock’s perennially blooded character in the trailer suggests.

He’s seen fighting, fighting and only fighting, perhaps swearing by his words “The only way to get rid of the devil is to finish it”. He fights prisoners, he fights armed gunmen, he stabs a masked-man in the eye and what not! Just half way through the clip, you’re convinced this isn’t like any of the previous Daredevil shows. And of course, there’s Wilson Fisk. As much as we love to loathe the character, this might be his most savage avatar too as he’s back in the city to avenge the Daredevil.

To go by the trailer, he leaves no stone unturned. But this time, he’s aided in his Machiavellian schemes by Daredevil’s doppelganger, who claims to be the original Daredevil. For those who haven’t already realised, that’s actually another infamous character from the comic arc Bullseye, who dons his outfit in the comics and goes on a criminal rampage to malign Daredevil’s public image. We reckon that’s exactly what happens in the series too, and maybe, he’s hired by the Kingpin himself.

So there’s not one, not two, but three ‘devils’ in the mix this time. A triple whammy. But who’ll be the last devil standing? Find out on 19 October 2018 on Netflix.