Breaking down the extended cut of DCEU’s ‘Aquaman’

In an aggressive effort to generate fanfare, DC digressed from the norm and released an unusually long – five minutes to be precise – clip from it’s upcoming underwater epic Aquaman. First spotted in Justice League, this is set to be the Atlantean king’s maiden solo outing and the video insights suggest it’s going to be a Helluva ride! The San Diego Comic-Con produced the first look that gave little away, but this footage was shown there too although it wasn’t put out in the public domain and screened behind shut doors instead. But now with New York playing hosts to the event, DC have taken up the opportunity to reignite the marketing push for the movie as the release is 10 weeks away. We’re introduced to plenty of characters from the film as well as extensive fight sequences in this extended look. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the same: #1 The Trident A three-pronged spear that King Atlan wields in the movie, the Trident is one of the seven relics of Atlantis that apparently entails the power of the kingdom of Atlantis, though we still don’t know what is it actually capable of. However, in the comics, it can conjure water as well as disseminate enormous bolts of energy and force fields, something that’s seen dispersing over ancient Atlantis midway through the clip when the Atlan strikes the Trident against the ground. But he also forewarns that if it goes into wrong hands, it could “bring destruction”. It is also suggested that it can be used to unite kingdoms above as well as below the seas. That means it might allow Arthur Curry to reign over the land-dwelling as well as the aquatic beings when he assumes the throne eventually. #2 Aquaman and Ocean Master face-off Orm Marius, the Ocean Master, is the half-brother of Curry but also one of the storied villains in the Aquaman comic arcs. In one fleeting moment, the two could be seen facing off to decide the heir to Atlantis crown, something that’s reminiscent of the ritual combat we saw earlier this year in Black Panther. But here, the duel is set to be staged on a volcanic pit crater with a diameter that appears too small to stage a fight. However, that certainly won’t dissipate the ferocity with which the brothers are about go at each other. And why not, it’s not any other duel, it’s the one for the throne. Arthur Curry, being the protagonist here, might nick it but it’s the manner in which the Atlanteans go at it that would be worth watching. #3 The Trench You see a massive Shape of Water-esque creature (but a more hideous version of it) rising up during a dark, rainy night? that’s Trench, a race of ocean-dwelling, razor-sharp toothed creatures. These aquatic beings have a history with the Aquaman in comics, having tussled on various occasions. So it isn’t surprising to see them lock horns in the movie too. The Trench are actually a part of Ocean Master’s army that arise from dark oceanic depths only during the night and in search of just one thing – food. In comics, the Trench King marks Aquaman as food and unleashes an army of Trench to bring him back into the oceans, but the Atlantean monarch succeeds in fending them off. One such face-off can be seen here in the clip when Curry unleashes a searing red beam at a giant Trench, deep under the waters. #4 “War beneath the waves” This battle between the seven kingdoms of Atlantis is going to be huge, and even the creatures from opposing clans are at the loggerheads! There’s an army of ferocious sharks going up against a shoal of seahorses in a place called The Council of the Kings that was originally a meeting place of the seven kings, the statues of all of whom can be found in the background. The white sharks on the right is that of the Atlantean army, while the seadragons are rided by the soldiers of the King Nereus of the Xebel kingdom. #5 Black Manta and the monstrous lobster Looks like Aquaman boasts an ensemble rogues gallery that has never seen before in the DCEU. But Black Manta stands out as the more infamous one from the comics. An arch-enemy of the Aquaman, an extended sequence in the trailer shows how the supervillain and his goons ambush Arthur and Mera before chasing them atop the rooftops in a thrilling set-piece. Black Manta sports a high-tech vest that’s equipped with everything needed for a close combat, right from piercing metallic blades, to powerful, supersonic beams. And before we are done with the exhaustive run of characters, the trailer reserves another thrilling appearance that’s of a humongous lobster, perceived to be the ultimate weapon of Ocean Master’s (see how powerful he is?) army. #6 Aquaman’s classic green and orange outfit To end the wowzer of a clip on an equally thumping note, we get a glimpse of Aquaman in his classic costume from the comics for the very first time. Up until now, only the tie-in merchs of the DC hero were draped in the comic-accurate colours of green and orange, but looks like Jason Momoa will bring much famed avatar of the king of the seas to the big screen.   He’ll not only be the king who’ll wield the holy Trident, but also become “something greater than a king”; a hero, Mera’s voice in the background echoes. Aquaman’s trademark costume have undergone subtle redesigning to also act as a body armor, but in the process, has further lifted the character to superhero status. Based on DC Comics, Aquaman is directed by James Wan and dives into theatres on 21 December 2018.