All new ‘Mortal Engines’ trailer is a visual nirvana

Universal Pictures’ highly anticipated project Mortal Engines dropped a second trailer at the New York Comic Con that gives a further sneak peek in the post-apocalyptic world of Hester Shaw, the primary protagonist who sets out to avenge the killer of her parents as well as stop her city from devouring everything on its way. Certain cataclysmic events nearly wiped the planet of earth from the galaxy as the human civilisation now make abodes on giant, mobile cities and feed off smaller cities in a phenomenon called Municipal Darwinism. Set in London, the film probes Shaw’s traumatic past of having lost her parents right in front of her eyes, whilst also leading a revolution against London historian Thaddeus Valentine, who threatens destruction in the city having found a weapon that could exacerbate the existence of humankind. The new trailer sees Shaw, aided by a close ally Tom, braving it all to accomplish her mission, juxtaposed against some enchanting visuals that’ll add to the wonderment of the enormous scale of the film. Weta Digital are to the credits for the VFX, supervised by Ken McGaugh, Kevin Smith and Luke Millar. Based on Philip Reeve’s novel of the same name, Mortal Engines kick start on 13 December 2018.