Marvel reveals retailer launch parties for ‘Infinity Wars’

Soon a chain of midnight release parties for the first issue of Marvel Comics’ forthcoming event series Infinity Wars #1 will embark.

Infinity WarsInfinity Stone created by Gerry Duggan (Deadpool) and Mike Deodato Jr. (Old Man Logan) will soon be among the readers through the event. The comic’s story is centered on a number of Marvel heroes who face new challenges. To celebrate the release, Marvel Comics is partnering with retailers across the US to host the event. Since the party is scheduled for 1 August, retailers have to compulsorily opt in before 9 July. The event will go by the name Infinity Wars. All those who wish to seize delight from the perks of a release party can visit a local store and register.

Retail stores will also receive perks from Marvel Comics such as exclusive variant covers and promotional items. It is also expected that the attendees will get to witness competitions.

Retailers will also be able to order the following items:

  • Infinity Wars #1 Party var (JUN180795)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Deodato premeire var (JUN180794)

Additional offers to retailers who do not require a party opt-in to order:

  • Infinity Wars #1 by Dedodata Jr Poster (JUN180997)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Lim Variant (JUN180796)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Ramos Connecting Variant (JUN180798)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Jones Promor Variant (JUN180797)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Martin Variant (JUN180792)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Shirahama Variant (JUN180790)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Kuder Variant (JUN180791)
  • Infinity Wars #1 Tedesco Variant (JUN180793)