Cyber Group Studios hosts the semi-final round of the International Emmy Kids Awards

Cyber Group Studios hosts for the seventh time the semi-final round of the International Emmy® Kids awards. Cyber Group Studios held for the seventh time the semi-final round of judging of the International Emmy® Kids Awards in two categories: Kids Preschool and Kids Animation. The event took place on 25 June 2018 and the ceremony was hosted by Pierre Sissmann (chairman & CEO of Cyber Group Studios and director of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) under the supervision of Nathaniel Brendel (Emmy judging director). The jury was composed of more than 20 leading TV executives including some of the biggest television broadcasters around the world: Coralie Pastor – RTBF (Belgium) Telidja KlaÏ – VRT (Belgium) Géraldine Soto – Canal + (France) Patricia Adane – France Télévisions (France) Tiphaine De Raguenel – France Télévisions (France) Claire Heinrich – France Télévisions (France) Lila Hannou – M6 (France) Yann Labasque – TF1 (France) Julien Borde – Turner Broadcasting System (France) Patricia Vasapollo – HR (Germany) Sebastian Debertin – KIKA (Germany) Frank Dietz – Super RTL (Germany) Brigitta Muehlenbeck – WDR (Germany) Nicole Keeb – ZDF (Germany) Arne Lohmann – ZDF Enterprises (Germany) Brenda Maffuchi – De Agostini (Italy) Andrea Basilio – RTP (Portugal) Saskia Krijnen – RTS (Switzerland) Henrietta Hurford-Jones – BBC Worldwide Ltd (United Kingdom) Orion Ross – The Walt Disney Company (United Kingdom) Theresa Plummer-Andrews – Plumtrees (United Kingdom) Sarah Muller – Sony Pictures TV’s kids’ channels (United Kingdom & Italy) Patricia Hidalgo – Turner Broadcasting System (United Kingdom) Cecilia Persson – Turner Broadcasting System (United Kingdom) Richard Goldsmith – Cyber Group Studios (USA) The jurors devoted the entire day to the screening and judging process. Tabulations are done by the accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP. The program with the highest score will be preceded to the final round of judging. The winner will be announced at The International Emmy® Kids Awards during the Cannes Miptv in April 2019. To this, Sissmann had commented, “It was an honor on behalf of Cyber Group Studios, to welcome the International Emmy semi-final judging for the seventh time in Paris. And a real pleasure to spend a full day with so many highly qualified experts joining to review animated series whose quality is always improving year after year, both from a storytelling and a production standpoint.”