Marvel reveals ‘Captain Marvel’ “special look” that hints at the hero’s time-travel abilities

Marvel has lately released a new Captain Marvel trailer that the film deserved! Dropped during the College Football Playoff National Championship, Marvel released the newest trailer aka ‘special look’ of Captain Marvel, that gives a closer look at the hero who grapples with her past but seems to be the strongest in MCU.
The trailer also finally reveals some of Mar-Vell’s (Jude Law) role mentoring Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who believes she’s Kree like him and not an Earthling, which she actually is. A painful brief clip also shows that he’s the one who helps Danvers channel and deploy the aforementioned photon blast. He also calls on her to “let go” of her past—even if she can’t remember it. The ‘special look’ also ensures that Captain Marvel will have balance along with huge space fights and quick-draw humor. Besides the trailer, a recent news from the set of Captain Marvel has been revealed and the fans might stand a chance for a better understanding of the plot of Avengers: Endgame. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on a set visit last year, Samuel Jackson revealed that Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) has a very particular skill set that will certainly help out in the battle against Thanos (Josh Brolin). As Jackson told Entertainment Tonight, Danvers happens to be one of the few characters in MCU who can time travel: “She’s pretty much the strongest character- in terms of someone with powers are able to do things in the Marvel universe. So, for Carol Danvers to be that person and for Brie to become that person, it’s gonna be a dynamite thing… [the Avengers] are up against some really, really tough odds right now – we saw throughout Infinity War – so now we know that we need something that’s as powerful as Thanos…we’ll find out how powerful she is and all the things that she’s capable of.”
Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson on the sets of ‘Captain Marvel’ (Source : Marvel)
If Jackson proves to be correct, it’s going to be a big revelation, as speculated that Avengers: Endgame would either deal heavily with time travel or movement between alternate realities. If Danvers can go back or forward in time, that certainly adds another weapon to the arsenal of the Avengers as they’ll also happen to have Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who should be able to use the power of the Quantum Realm for their benefit. Captain Marvel zooms the big screens on 8 March followed by Avengers: Endgame on 26 April.