Marvel announces new ‘Ant Man’ comic series

Marvel has announced a new Ant-Man comic book written by Zeb Wells (Nova, Amazing Spider-Man) with art by Dylan Burnett (X-Force, Cosmic Ghost Rider). The new series will team-up Scott Lang with his daughter Cassie in her current guise as Stinger, after “a seemingly unheroic task for local beekeepers rapidly escalates into a conspiracy that could threaten the Earth!” The press release states Scott and Cassie will go on a globetrotting adventure filled with guest appearances from other Marvel heroes, and, as the cover art indicates, battling the beekeeper-styled mad scientist group AIM. Well stated, “Dylan Burnett, colourist Mike Spicer and I are out to put the ant in Ant-Man, turn over some rocks and craft a bug-forward tale that starts small and spins into a world-spanning adventure.” The book will reportedly see Lang “not only have to prove himself as a hero, but as a parent to his daughter Cassie Lang as well.” It was not specified how long the series will run for: Scott Lang has starred in a couple of miniseries since the conclusion of his last ongoing in 2016, Nick Spencer, Ramon Rosanas and Brent Schoonover’s Astonishing Ant-Man (where Cassie’s Stinger moniker was also introduced). Wells and Burnett’s new Ant-Man series starts in February.