One Take Media Co. (OTMC) introduces ‘Bablu Dablu Cubs’ seasons one and two in India  

One Take Media Co. (OTMC) has acquired all media rights for the newest season of Bablu Dablu Cubs seasons one and two in India. It has 104 episodes of 13 mins each. After the great success of seven seasons of Bablu Dablu, One Take is happy to present the new seasons on platforms including Broadcast, OTT for SAARC Nations. Bablu Dablu Cubs are children entertainment/edutainment series showing that learning/playing can be fun. At this scenic Pine Tree, all the cubs observe the world in their own creative and wondrous ways. Here you will experience everything from the value of friendship to exploring the mysteries of science and language. Bablu Dablu Cubs will focus on educating kids on how to help others, while having fun themselves, for life in this beautiful world. It is a colourful, 3D CG animated show for kids, full of adventures around every corner centered around Pine Tree School.   One Take Media co-founder and CEO Anil Khera commented, “In today’s age where kids have become extremely gadgets and screen friendly, it would be nice if we can showcase them content that not only entertains but also teach them values important for life. Bablu Dablu Cubs seasons one and two reinstates the importance of friendship and exploration. Watching this show will be a delight to children and nurture their budding quest for knowledge.”