Marvel amp up promotions for ‘Daredevil’ season three with new Kingpin-themed featurette

Marvel’s Daredevil season three is almost upon us, and the studios is pulling no punches in gathering steam ahead of its highly anticipated premier on 19 October 2018, dropping another featurette on Netflix’s YouTube handle. This time, it focuses on the man we love to loathe, Wilson Fisk, who’s set to reignite his cruel enmity with the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Also infamously known as the Kingpin, the ruthless crime lord returns from his prison sentence to take over the mantle of the city again. And in Vincent D’Onofrio’s own words, the fans are going to f-ing flip! Yes, the latest clip from the upcoming series features some of the cast members such as Charlie Cox and executive producer and show runner Erik Olsen, elucidate some of the key elements of the show – such as the ultimate face-off between Daredevil and Fisk – that the fans can eagerly look forward to. The featurette, focusing primarily on Fisk, also cuts to some gruesome encounters between Matt Murdock and the latter’s goons, whilst also foreshadowing dark days ahead for his loved ones such as Karen Page and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, whom Fisk vows to kill. Loosely based on the comic chapter Born Again, this is set to be the darkest and the most brutal of Marvel Netflix television series yet. Hold your horses, lads!