‘Locke & Key’ once again to be adapted into a television series; this time by its publisher IDW itself

Given the trend of taking inputs from comics and churning out some brilliant live action television content from them has been a thing for quite some time now. From Arrow to Flash and even the Marvel Netflix series like Daredevil, TV series inspired from a comic books has been intriguing the audience as they feel a connection towards the story and the characters coupled with the excitement of their favourite comic characters coming to life. One such endeavour in works is a TV series adaptation from the widely known comic Locke & Key, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide and has also been adapted into dozens of languages. Written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodrigues, the story revolves around the Locke family that comes across as “magic beyond belief and evils beyond redemption.” Locke & key Previously in 2011, Fox had developed a pilot of the series from executive producer / writer Josh Friedman and was produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci which was later passed down.  Now, the original publisher of the series, IDW Entertainment is making the comic series into a TV show. Joe Hill will not only be writing the script for the upcoming venture, but he will also be a part of the series as an executive producer. No networks have been confirmed yet, which hints that the show would be made in-house and then presented to the possible networks. Hill said, “The seven years I spent working on Locke & Key was the happiest creative experience of my life, and there still isn’t a day when I don’t think about those characters and I miss visiting them. The six books of the series are like six seasons of a cable TV series and so it feels only natural to bring that world to the little screen and to see if we can’t scare the pants off viewers everywhere.” Given the recent success of comic book inspired shows, IDW is looking forward to take the trend ahead and make a good business out of it. It all bowls down to how they bring the characters in the series to life as the audience might already be familiar with them and a small mistake can be costly.