‘Captain America: Civil War’ captivates the masses, earning $181 million in its US opening weekend

If you are a movie buff and have been following the recent releases, you might have definitely come across (probably already watched) Captain America: Civil War. Going by the reviews, and its USA opening weekend collection, the third instalment in the Captain America franchise seems to have absolutely satisfied the audience with its action packed story, well designed and executed script and of course a superhero packed fiesta. Even before its worldwide release on 6 May, the film created quite a stir as it managed to garner a whopping $200.2 million from its release in relatively smaller markets like France, Germany, Singapore, Belgium and 33 other countries that further boosted its revenue (as expected). Over the opening weekend, the film generated revenue of above $181.8 million, just shy of $182 million, making the Joe and Anthony Russo directed movie the 5th largest opening weekend for any movie in the USA box office, thus, putting it ahead of the likes of Iron Man 3 ($174m) and Batman v Superman ($166m). Captain America Civil War2 While this puts Captain America: Civil War as the fifth Disney movie entering the top ten best domestic opening weekend collections ever, Disney has breached the record of a collection of $1 billion in 128 days (beating the record of 165 days set last year) coupled with its Jungle Book’s fourth weekend success of $21.8 million. Now, with  global revenue of just over $678 million through Captain America: Civil War and more upcoming projects down the line, Disney would be looking forward to soar with their revenues from Doctor Strange which is scheduled to release on 4 November this year and Black Panther will be prowling its way in 2018. After opening the journey on a high note, let’s see how long can Captain America: Civil War hold on to its enchantment.