Holy Cow Entertainment relaunches ‘Ravanayan’ at Ahmedabad Comic Con

Considering the popularity, Holy Cow Entertainment’s Ravanayan made its entry again by relaunching at Ahmedabad Comic Con! Founder and creator Vivek Goel thinks that though the book specifically focuses on Ravana, the biggest known mythology villain, he is not the protagonist but the antagonist here. “For the first time the world is getting to hear the villain’s side of the story,” Goel expressed. Creators Vijayendra Mohanty and Goel have explored the values inherent in the Ramayana and retold the immortal story as something more than a simple tale of good triumphing over evil. This account of Ravana’s life re-imagines much of what is held to be true about one of India’s most loved tales and in the process, takes the reader on an enchanting quest for the very meanings of right and wrong, good and evil, dharma and adharma. “The illustrations are completely drawn by Goel with initial research and pitch prepared by Mohanty. I also took the liberty of redesigning all the characters from Ravanayan as I believe the old designs had too much ultimate good guy/bad guy one dimensional feel to it,” added Goel. The book which was earlier launched in 2011 and has sold more than 40,000 copies was also a hit at the Ahmedabad Comic Con where it was introduced freshly. Targeted to 14+ teen adults as they are more receptive to a changed narrative, the book was also brought out as Goel thinks it’s time for the millenials to rediscover our culture and history. Ravanayan acted as a catalyst to both Goel and Mohanty’s career, elevating it to new heights. “People have received Ravanayan very well and though it was made to mostly appeal to the teen adults of our country its now enjoyed by almost every single person belonging to every age group,” Goel concluded. Ravanayan is currently available on Amazon and the publisher plans to soon bring out the book in a digital format.