Studio Durga looking for distributors and screenings for ‘Karmachakra’, India’s first independent anime film

Studio Durga, the first Indian anime studio has published the compiled mini series of the first 20 minutes of the first Indian anime film, Karmachakra on 23 February and is currently looking for distributors.

The pilot episode has garnered more than 10,000 views and 2000 likes on YouTube. Since they announced the teaser of Karmachakra, Studio Durga has been basking in applause and appreciation for their commendable work in creating the first independent Indian anime. The Studio Durga team is also looking for opportunities for screening the film and has completed a major chunk of it.

Studio Durga founder and CEO Rajorshi Basu said, “We have been talking to some distributors currently and have gotten good responses from them. But licensing and acquisition is another long-drawn-out business process that takes time. We’ll also share updates on screenings as soon as we confirm. Both of these will help the currently self-funded project, and help us continue doing what we’re doing. We’re also submitting to a bunch of festivals abroad.”

Karmachakra revolves around an orphan girl trying to find her roots, revolving around mysteries about her past and present. A mystery drama set in a fictional present-day India that draws inspiration from psychology, mythology, and cyber-technology.

Karmachakra is expected to be fully completed by mid 2020.

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