Here’s your chance to work on AAA games from India!

Sumo Video Games (Sumo) was one of the first companies in India dedicated to developing high profile titles for console and PC. Founded in 2007 in Pune, Sumo works closely with its six sister studios in the U.K.,on titles that have included Crackdown 3, Hitman 2 (Colombia), Snake Pass, and the upcoming release Team Sonic Racing. In a chat with AnimationXpress, Sumo gave an overview of how this ambitious studio functions. “We work on lots of exciting projects simultaneously. It’s very rewarding to work on such diverse and high-profile games,”said art director Asit Ghadge.“For example, recent projects include collaborations on two huge global franchises – Forza Horizon 4 and Hitman 2. These very different titles highlight the incredible versatility and high production values that Sumo is known for.” Forza Horizon 4 illustrates just one instance of how the team continues to be deeply involved in the creation of mega-franchise games. For the latest incarnation of the super successful racing game,Sumo worked on several key technical aspects, and perhaps most noticeably, also recreated the iconic steam train The Flying Scotsman. Sumo is also proud to have worked closely with their Sheffield, U.K.,studio and IO Interactive on the recently released Hitman 2, creating the lush, jungle environment for the Colombia mission. Sumo Video Games director Anup Totala adds, “In India, everybody wants to work on console and PC development. Sumo Video Games is one of only a few developers here that is deeply involved in such a wide range of well-known games across these platforms.” Now in its 12th year, the company employs over 80 people, adding design and engineering departments and continuing to recruit the best talent. From its humble beginnings in 2007 Sumo is now established as one of the most creative and exciting game developers in India. Studio director Deeptha Vijayan said, “Sumo Video Games originally started as an art studio famous for delivering AAA quality work, however, our studio has now moved on into all aspects of game development including game design, game programming, and game art. From asset creation to final integration on the target engine, our work in all disciplines adheres to the same quality benchmarks that we are proud of and work diligently to maintain. I was pleased to see a lot of excitement from attendees at IGDC in Hyderabad in December,many of whom came to play Forza Horizon 4 and Hitman 2, both games that we’ve recently worked on. There was also a high level of interest from numerous attendees who wanted to understand the requirements to work at Sumo. We’ve got an exciting line-up of projects and we’re expanding so this is a great time to approach us with your portfolio, our doors are wide open!” Sumo Video Games are currently hiring! To find out more about the exciting opportunities in Art, Code, Design and Production in the Pune studiocheck out their careers page: or visit them at the Game Development Design Conference, February 21 to 22, Novotel, Pune.