Get an insight of the new PUBG zombie upgrade

Foggy background, spooky vibe and scary sound unveil PUBG Mobile zombie mode with 0.11.0 version. The game mode has been introduced in collaboration with the survival horror game Resident Evil 2. Tencent games have announced about the partnership and upgrade earlier in December and since then players were eagerly waiting for the new zombie gameplay update. The PUBG Mobile update 0.11.0 download size is 436MB on Android via Google Play which isn’t too big when compared to past PUBG Mobile update download sizes, some of which went up to a couple of gigabytes. According to the official PUBG Mobile Discord, the update is rolling out slowly across regions. Sound and Visuals It is known to all that light and sound sets the vibe. Therefore, the new upgrade contains Resident Evil 2 central menu theme and music which gives the player a spooky vibe. Developers know that visuals along with relevant sounds result in great traction of players reaction. Therefore the weather Moonlight of the Vikendi map added in the game was to accomplish the players’ perception of spooky battle royale game. The graphics of the game looks quite fantastic where some of the houses of Vikendi map have been redesigned. Though there is no separate map allocated for the upgrade but players can select the mode and can directly enter the game. Gameplay The gameplay of the new version has been renamed to ‘Survive Till Dawn’ from ‘Sunset’ as the game starts with the sunset and ends with the dawn. The new upgrade is pretty much similar to the original version where the players need to fight against enemies along with the new addition of the zombie’s waves accompanied by the Resident Evil 2 bosses. SMG and assault rifles war modes can start with double the ammunition and the mode is not just limited to fighting zombies because the players would also be battling against each other, and the last player to survive would be awarded the ‘Chicken Dinner.’ The question is how a PUBG player feels when he or she experienced the zombie upgrade for the first time? Mumbai based PUBG player VenomousRao (ingame name) who has been playing the game for a long time told to us that “the new upgrade in the gameplay is quite entertaining and interesting with the new addition of zombies, ammunitions and gears. The spooky vibe is simply jaw-dropping. In fact, it is better than the original version and I wish it is not just for a limited period.” He tweeted the game on the same as well. According to VenomousRao, there are four categories of zombies that he has witnessed and each come at and for the different period. The red-eyed zombies that a player seen at the beginning of the game are less ferocious and can be killed with two to three gunshots compared to the yellow eyes ones, the crawling one named as Licker and the bosses. Moreover, the plus point of destroying the zombies is a player can own many resources including ammunitions after zombies are killed. After crossing some levels, Rao felt that since there are fewer vehicles available in the upgrade compared to the original one the player has to run a lot faster when attacked with zombie’s wave with the help of energy drinks and painkillers. He believes that the player needs a strategy in the game that is to somehow survive in the game till dawn.   Also, the anniversary items are on sale while quantities last along with the anniversary emotes, avatars and frames. With the new upgrade, Sanhok is now available in quick arcade matches also the character image and connections are now visible on profile and the game has added new titles: 1/100 (permanent) and “Survivor” (time-limited). Apart from that, there is a new availability in the resources like weapons combat knife, new vaccines, guns MI34 which contains 200 bullets and so on. Seems like players are enjoying the new zombie upgrade, however the jury will be concrete and out only after a few weeks of time!