VFX Gwangju ACE Fair 2018 opens its doors

Gwangju ACE Fair 2018 opens its doors

The 2018 Asia Content and Entertainment Fair (Gwangju ACE Fair) kicked off yesterday, 13 September at the Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Republic of Korea. The fair started at nine in the morning and was inaugurated by South Korean dignitaries, Mayor of Gwangju being the chief guest.

The fair is a mix of categories spanning across broadcast and audiovisual, animation, games, character, edutainment, VR and AR, merchandise and much more. The fair had a special room assigned for MOU signing ceremony between companies getting into partnership/collaboration with each other.

Every year during September, member companies of the Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT), the Gwangju Design Center, the Korea Cable Television and Telecommunications Association (KCTA), the Gwangju Creative Contents Industry Association, the Korea Culture Contents Licensing Association (KOCLA), the Korea Animation Artist Association, the Korea Character Business Association, the Korean Film Council, the Formative and Cultural Center, the Korea Industrial Technology Foundation for Media and Culture, the Guangzhou Animation and Cartoon Association, the Hong Kong Animation and Comic Association, the Yantai Animation Association and other companies recruited by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), gather in Gwangju to conduct business and make new or maintain business relations with companies in various parts of the content industry.

Since 2006, ACE Fair has become the largest specialised exhibition in Kimdaejung Convention Center. It is enjoyed by global media professionals as well as everyday consumers. ACE Fair holds a B2B exhibition that provides companies with a chance to expand their business network and discover new opportunities with both Korean and international partners in a comprehensive market of all things related to entertainment content. ACE Fair also has a B2C exhibition that provides everyday consumers with a chance to experience the latest trends of Korean and international culture content in the entertainment industry.

Just like last year, AnimationXpress has been the online media partners for Gwangju ACE Fair. AnimationXpress has a stall there and was also invited to an exclusive lunch with the dignitaries and the Mayor of Gwangju.

Other companies which are a part of it included: VirtualCity Informatics, Rotomaker, Swastika Entertainment, Onetake Media, and Ultra Media and Entertainment.

“ACE Fair is one of the best organized marketplaces in the world. And this is not just my feedback. Studios who have been to the best of the fairs say that to me,” says ACE  Fair Indian delegation leader  Vineet Raj Kapur. “I had the privilege of helping Indian Studios understand Gwangju as well as Korean traditions and business ethos. Ever since I was asked by ACE Fair to lead the Indian delegation, my focus has shifted from looking for business, to looking after Indian business interests, and helping Indian studios understand the importance and advantage of participating in ACE Fair.”

Due to the Hub City of Asian Culture Project administered by the national government, Gwangju is the ideal place for content creation with the necessary infrastructure, spirit, and support. As Korea’s most comprehensive culture content exhibition, Gwangju ACE Fair continues to expand into industries relating to entertainment and welcomes participation from new and emerging categories. Participants can expect to meet quality Korean and overseas companies looking for content, licensing, merchandising, and co-production opportunities.

The first day was indeed an eventful one with a huge amount of attendees who were there to experience the market and the diverse events prepared by the festival organisers. The curtains were pulled down on the first day of the fair, with a special welcome dinner for all the participants.