Green Arrow and Acqaman come together for a fresh DC comics series

Aquaman and Green Arrow will team up in a seven-issue limited series entitled Deep Target that will begin from October 2021.

The new series was confirmed by DC but first announced via Twitter by writer Brandon Thomas. “Arthur Curry & Oliver Queen team up (and throw down) in Deep Target, a mind-bending, worlds altering adventure that launches in October!” reads Thomas’ tweet.

Deep Target marks the first book specifically devoted to a team-up between the Emerald Archer and the King of Atlantis, both of whom were co-created by Mort Weisinger and are currently without solo comics. Weisinger debuted the duo in 1941 for More Fun Comics Issue #73. Artist George Papp assisted him on the first Green Arrow story, while Paul Norris penciled Aquaman’s debut.

The comic series will be illustrated by Ronan Cliquet and Ulises Arreola with covers by Marco Santucci and InHyuk Lee. Both characters are without solo series at the moment, although the pair is currently spending time as teammates in Brian Bendis’ Justice League series.

While Green Arrow is well-known for his appearances in the Green Lantern comic of 1970 written by Denny O’Neil with artwork by Neal Adams, Aquaman has rarely shared a series with another hero. Although Aquaman and Green Arrow debuted together and have been longtime allies in the Justice League, the two heroes have not adventured together as a duo, and haven’t shared a single starring title before. The pair will finally come together as co-headliners on the page when Aquaman and Green Arrow’s Deep Target debuts in October.

Deep Target will be Thomas’ second upcoming project featuring the King of Atlantis. Thomas is also scripting the mini-series Aquaman: The Becoming, which stars Aquaman’s sidekick Aqualad and will be released on 21 September.