VFX Google ends the year animatedly

Google ends the year animatedly

The world is all set to ring in the new year. On the New Year’s Eve 2018, Google is making the occasion all the more fun with a playful doodle on its homepage. The Google Doodle is used to mark special occasions and this doodle has taken the event quite seriously.

The animated doodle shows one of the baby elephants blowing balloons using its trunk, while the other tosses popcorns into its mouth. The doodle is adorned with festoons and a clock which is waiting to strike midnight and welcome the year 2019.

A Google Doodle is a special, momentary modification of the logo on Google’s homepages that celebrates events, people and achievements. The first ever Google Doodle was in 1998, which honoured the Burning Man festival. It was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to let users know about their absence if the servers crashed.

As cute as it can get, the doodle is simple and designed using the 2D animation technique, yet adorable. This animation has surely started the last day of 2018 on a cute note. How does your New Year’s Eve look? Have a Happy New Year!