Gamepoint’s Jeffrey Otterspoor shares his views about the gaming industry ahead of Game Quality Forum

“Hats off to all Community Managers out there, it’s hard work!” That is one of the first things that GamePoint director of community operations Jeffrey Otterspoor said when Gaming IQ interviewed him. They asked him the all important question, why should gaming studios have solid Customer Support and Community Management teams to enhance the quality of their games? View the full interview here:  If you’d rather not fill out the form email Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from the interview! What makes the success of a game? Using Pokémon Go as an example, Otterspoor explains that the quality of a game is not always the cause of its success: “the game launched with plenty of glitches, crashes and bugs that drove people mad, but the whole world was playing it.” Customer Support and Customer Management: What is its current role in game quality? Those who work in CS and CM are often extremely invested in their favourite games, and want to be involved in bettering and promoting them. “That’s a big challenge for Community Managers who often deal with a vocal minority who can make it very personal.” Three advantages of having an efficient CS and CM team
  • Insight into the player base
  • Increasing the player lifecycle
  • Creating a sense of community
Find the full interview here: The interview was conducted ahead of the Game Quality Forum Europe (Berlin, 26 – 28 June 2018),where Otterspoor will be speaking. More information on the event can be found here: We hope you enjoy the interview – it would be great to know if it resonates with you and your workplace!