Skytou Studios’ “My Blobby” gets a CSK themed update for IPL!

Created by Skytou Studios, My Blobby, is a virtual pet game where you can adopt and take care of a Nippon Blobby! It has two modes- Normal and AR mode. With the AR mode on users can experience taking care of their blobbies in a virtual world using their phone camera. According to Skytou Studios CEO Sivaneswaran Sivanandy, “It (the game) helps in building concentration and grooming skills in kids through a combination of games, videos and activities. Also, some sections of the game are aimed at developing cognitive skills. It can help children to easily learn different colours, build things, learn housework and grooming by adapting the same to their blobby.” The app can interact and customize the look of their blobby from over 15 styles. The innovative gaming app helps kids to customise their house with over 18 designs using the help of their blobby. The game recently shot into limelight as the exclusive Chennai Super Kings update was released. In celebration of IPL, a new Blobby has been introduced which you can get for free once you download the game! Apart from that, CSK themed house and props have been added to the title. Nippon Paints being the associate partner for Chennai Super Kings, recently players of CSK, Suresh Raina, Bravo, Harbhajan singh, David Willey and Shradul Thakur unveiled My Blobby Game at Pune. Speaking to AnimationXpress, Sivanandy says, “My kid used to play these kind of games and I realised why shouldn’t we make a virtual pet game with more educative aspects to it and we pitched the same to Nippon paints for using the blobby characters, they agreed to make virtual pet game using the aforementioned blobbys” In-app purchases and multiple different mini games are ways of monetisation for the game while advertisements are also integrated. The studio is in talks with Greedy Games for brand integrations. Further talking about their plans, the CEO explains, “We are focusing on a voice command pet game and it’s in process and we are also working on multiplayer mini games. Seasonal updates are also planned. Nippon paints have a three year agreement with Chennai Super Kings and hence next IPL we are planning to launch a different kind of cricket game with Blobbies.

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