‘Game Of Thrones’ finale trailer sets fans aflutter with curiosity

HBO recently released the trailer of next week’s Game of Thrones series has made fans curious as to what the fate of the remaining characters is going to be. The trailer shows the once-stately and magnificent King’s Landing now reduced to rubble and ashes post the doom and gloom unleashed by Dragon Queen.

Tyrion assessing the demolition of Kings’ Landing
The scene also features Tyrion walking through the demolition with a worried look on his face while Arya looks furious. Perhaps she is angry about the onslaught brought about by Danny’s unbridled carnage in the previous episode.
Facial reactions post demolition
 The Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains are the titles that no longer fit the woman who wreaked the devastating annihilation with such chilling apathy. Arya Stark clearly looks cross about Danny’s decision.
Danny’s back profile as she walks towards the balcony that overlooks the king’s landing
No one ever imagined that the dragon queen would ever take forward the charred legacy of her maniacal father. Frame closes in on the Dothraki army exalting over their conclusive victory considering how staggeringly inglorious and miserable was their face off with the army of the dead. There are definitely some disappointments in the way some character arcs were brought to such bitterly abrupt and unsatisfying end. She goes on to unload exactly what she had pledged to put a stop to and not only subjects the innocent dwellers of Kings’ Landing to such brusque amputation despite the tolling of surrender bells but also strikes down the structures of Kings’ landing like blowing down a house of cards. Let’s see what the final episode has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates.