VFX Gaelstone Media acquires 80s popular character Panda Khan

Gaelstone Media acquires 80s popular character Panda Khan

Gaelstone Media Group, the studio behind the upcoming Amazon Prime original series Action Mice, announced its full acquisition of the classic 80s character Panda Khan. The iconic panda is well-known to nostalgia lovers who remember him as a regularly featured character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book crossovers. Toy collectors will recall that Panda Khan also made an appearance as an action figure in Playmates original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line back in 1990.

“We at Gaelstone were so very fortunate to meet Dave Garcie and Monica Sharp, the amazingly kind and generous creators of such a timeless character,” said Gaelstone Media CEO, founder and co-creative director Jon Robert Bryans. “It was enormous for us, and we worked so hard to make it happen.”

While the Panda Khan character is completely recognizable to Turtles fans and toy collectors of the 90s, he was never featured in the highly popular Ninja Turtles cartoon show. Gaelstone is now preparing the character for a pop culture resurgence with the newly developed comic-book and animated adventures.

Garcia created the character in the early 1980s. Descended from giant mutant Earth pandas, a thousand years in the future, Panda Khan is the Samurai ruler of a genetically improved tribe of battlin’ bears. Leaving his alien world in search of great adventure, Khan boarded a Tong pirate ship and using the ancient art of Ting Zing Pao, time-traveled to Earth, 1990.