Faceware Technologies announces Faceware LiveSDK

Faceware Technologies, the leading provider of markerless 3D facial motion capture solutions have announced an SDK for its real-time facial mocap (motion capture) and animation technology, Faceware Live. The Windows Native C++ SDK will enable developers and creatives to build their own real-time, interactive applications. SDK users can allow live player-to-player chat in games, live interactive displays and activations and even integrate the SDK into their own production tools and processes. “With the rise in VR/AR/MR, interactive marketing and the use of CG, we are seeing a growing number of inquiries from many different markets,” said Faceware Technologies vice president of business development Peter Busch. “Rather than addressing each and every request, we’ve created a SDK to enable developers to develop the tools they need to meet their own needs. We have got some amazing use cases I can’t wait to talk about.” Features of the new SDK include:
  • Windows Native C++
  • High-frame-rate tracking, with no visible latency
  • Over 100 APIs developers can use to track and animate faces in real time
  • Create facial animation in real time from a person’s face on video
  • Tracks 82 landmarks on the face and streams over 40 animation controls
  • One second camera-to-face calibration
  • SDK can track facial movement from a live camera feed, a video file (for example .mov file), or an image sequence (for example .jpg)
  • Works with almost any camera or webcam, including head-mounted cameras
  • Easy to adjust camera settings for optimising the user experience
  • Tools to multiply and adjust animation output values to match your characters
  • Simulate animation output for easy debugging and testing your character animation before use
“We’re really excited to put our real time facial tracking technology directly into the hands of developers,” said Faceware Technologies director of software and technology Jay Grenier. “Faceware Live has or is being used for a number of real-time applications, such as Hasbro’s live-streamed social media announcement for Monopoly and the recent Macinness-Scott installation at Sotheby’s Art of VR event in New York. And now, with Faceware LiveSDK, the community is about to get a fantastic new tool to develop their own amazing applications.” Faceware will be speaking about the capabilities of the SDK at Siggraph 2017 (Booth 741) from first to third August. Faceware LiveSDK will be available soon on a limited basis. Companies interested in using the SDK can visit the website for details regarding the purchase.