Nimble Collective announces partnerships with Pixar and Lytro at Siggraph 2017

Virtual studio service platform Nimble Collective has announced a new collaboration with Pixar’s RenderMan, a partnership that will explore extending the delivery of RenderMan training to new and existing users via Nimble Collective’s collaborative, cloud-based workspace for creating animation. In addition, Nimble also announced a strategic partnership with Lytro to collaborate on an animated Virtual Reality project using the new advances in platform framework. The Nimble Collective Virtual Studio Platform is up-ending the animation industry by giving business clients and creators the advanced tools they need to produce animated projects without requiring the backing of a multimillion dollar studio setting. While at Siggraph 2017 (from 30 July to 3 August), Nimble Collective will be offering demos of its animated films created as part of Nimble Collective’s Pilot Program to show experts and clients elements of the highly anticipated Nimble Collective platform. Nimble is revolutionising the animation industry by crafting one of the first cloud native animation platforms, which allows creators and corporate clients to leverage experience and guidance by Academy award-winning industry innovators. “Our Pilot Program is an incubation of directors and outside talent assembled in the cloud to make the creators’ dreams and their client’s vision a reality,” said Nimble co-founder and head of content Jason Schleifer. “We are thrilled to be working with some of the world’s most creative talent at Pixar to bring developments to the Nimble Platform that corporate clients like Lytro can utilise to meet their creative needs and to empower them to produce high-quality animation.” Schleifer spoke at Siggraph’s Blender Spotlight on 30 July and will feature a talk on Online Collaboration with Virtual Studio Production on 2 August. Nimble Collective’s senior production manager Corban Gossett will participate in the ASIFA Education Forum – Birds of a Feather Siggraph Panel on 1 August. The talk is aimed at encouraging the next generation of industry talent.

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