Exclusive: ‘Bhoot’ filmmakers deploy VR technology to notch up the scares at INOX, Vicky Kaushal shares his experience too

Inorbit INOX megaplex recently launched a special VR-centric event, allowing attendees to experience the world of ‘Bhoot’, an upcoming true blue horror film. VR headsets allowed viewers to vicariously experience the Vicky Kaushal-starrer where he walks you through the ship ridden with paranormal spirits.
A rather commendable spin to the horror-genre made for an immersive and eerie experience, transporting viewers into the ship with jump-scares and well-paced progression of events that dinned through the staircase. Given the fact that technology has expanded the canvas of cinema, filmmaking experiments are proving to be a boon for the thrill-seeking milieu and enthusiasts who love a good scare. It will be interesting to see how this horror project pans out since horror movies constitute a precarious territory in the landscape of Indian cinema. The making of Dharma Production and Zee Studios’ Bhoot spanned over a period of roundabout two or three years since Vicky Kaushal had signed this even before he signed Uri according to the screenwriter and director Bhanu Pratap Singh who spoke exclusively with AnimationXpress. Speaking about the technology, Singh shared, “There are some 60 shots still left for VFX work at Redefine VFX studios that we are still working on. I do realise the importance of technology in the modern age and how it plays a huge role in depicting the imagery” Actor Vicky Kaushal shared, “On a very basic level what we were trying to do was to make the audiences feel like they’re playing the protagonist of the movie. You (viewers) go to the ship and experience it what Prithvi (the character he is playing in the movie) is experiencing. He is a victim to the paranormal activities happening on the ship, you go inside and if in any case that gives you some amount of thrill in that window of time then you will have an idea as to how much you’re going to enjoy the two-hour movie.” Thanking the Liminal team, (The VR company which has weaved the experience piece for Bhoot) he shared,  “So it was meant for you to step into the shoes of the protagonist of the film. Its our attempt to bring you as up-close and personal with the paranormal activities of the movie, story and ship as much as we could and thanks to Saurabh and his team who have done a fantastic job in putting it together. The treatment of the genre is completely different because a true blue horror movie has come up in a long time that can give you a genuine horror experience and we are trying to do fresh things to market it too” We look forward to the movie and can’t wait to cover the VFX aspect of the film.