Dream Games goes the mythology way with ‘Rama Force’

With the growing demand in the gaming industry, Dream Games, an Indian mobile gaming company announced Rama Force; the next generation of Indian mythology based fantasy real time strategy game for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android Tabs. The game will be released at a later date this month.   Rama Force attempts to take Indian mythology to people in form of a mobile game with the intention to connect everyone to the Indian value system. “Indian Mythology is a collection of the most exciting stories about courage, family values and victory of good over the evil along with virtue and righteousness. In current times it is becoming increasingly difficult to share with people (grownups, teens, kids) the value these epics taught. The thought ‘how can we connect people at large with Indian mythology’ motivated us to come up with this unique concept of high quality Indian Mythological games, with out of the box game mechanics, which makes understanding mythology a great experience,” expounds Dream Games Head – Marketing, Umang Mathur. This is the first time ever an Indian gaming company is launching Global content with Local flavours for the mobile gamers. This will also be the first time ever in gaming fraternity that Indian Mythology as a strategy game will be brought to the world of mobile gaming. In Rama Force players farm, and build a fantasy kingdom, assemble armies and wage war against the evil forces of Ravana. Rama Force is a 2.5 D isometric game, which uses 2D sprites. It is a goal based game with nine levels; the first release has six levels with a game play of about 1.5 hours. The game starts with the Aranya Kanda in the story of Ramayana, which shows Lord Rama spending time in the forest and mother Sita being abducted by Ravana. Both Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman set out in the forest in search of Sita. The game progresses with the help of the guide Shabri, who helps the player, move forward each step. From time to time players will see helpful tips being spelled out from Shabri in the game. The second level of game also covers bit of Kishkindha Kanda and goes onto Yudh Kanda in the next three levels.

This game also includes a deep, evolving farming campaign and other activities like pottery, cow’s milk preparation, blanket making, horse purchasing, Crops and fruits cultivation. “We are heavily focused on digital marketing campaigns, using blogger services, SEO, Facebook buzz and YouTube for promoting the game. Out target audience are casual and strategy gamer kids, teens, young executives and soccer moms,” adds Mathur. A total of eleven members were involved in making the game. An enthusiastic team of four did the art (illustrators, animators and graphic designers) along with one sound engineer. “We had a dedicated game producer cum game designer to take care of production, there was a team of three developers to develop the game and a dedicated team of two game testers, were involved in making this game over a period of nine months,” he reveals. With Rama Force, Dream Games intends to take mobile gaming from India to next level where local content will be delivered for the Global audience.

“We want gamers to experience this unique game play of farming and tower defence as a single game, based on the story of Ramayana. People should love this experience, and for these reasons we are only using In-App purchase as source of monetisation to unlock three levels. The first three levels will be free. We do not intend to use ads at the moment,” concludes Mathur. Dream Games wish to roll out version 2 of Rama Force in December 2014. Apart from this they also have a plan to bring out more quality Indian mythological titles, which they believe will be cherished by the gaming fraternity.

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