VFX DC and Warner Bros. to make amends for all the losses with a slew of changes in upcoming releases -

DC and Warner Bros. to make amends for all the losses with a slew of changes in upcoming releases

Power hungry villains and caped crusaders seem to be taking the world by storm in an effort to create a new revolution of comic mania as the cinematic universe of DC and Marvel continue to steam competitively and aggressively.

While Marvel raked in the moolah for the latest superhero actioner Thor: RagnarokDC on the other hand, accrued mixed reviews for its recent release Justice League. The question now is, how will DC and Warner Bros climb out of the lurch following a spate of duds in the recent months? What steps must be taken to replicate the success of Wonder Woman in forthcoming productions?

The solutions to the underlined issues began with relieving DC Entertainment co-president and co-chairman Jon Berg and DC Entertainment CCO and DC Films co-chairman Geoff Johns, from their posts. The next major change is with Justice League 2, as the release dates have to be reassessed while the plans for Flash’s solo movie, scheduled to go on floors in March 2018, are left hamstrung.

The initial plan for the Flash stand-alone film was to make it an adaptation of the Flashpoint Paradox comic by Geoff Johns, followed by a Batman reboot as new characters are not only introduced, but the old ones are re-established as well.

The story of the Flashpoint revolves around the scarlet speedster having the ability to race back in time to save his mother from the Reverse Flash but in turn, creates an alternate timeline with major repercussions such as Superman getting captured by the government; Bruce Wayne’s demise that paves his father to don the mask in the aftermath, while his mother turns the psychopath Joker. Elsewhere, the kingdoms of Atlantis and Themyscira wage war on each other and an atomic blast brings about the end of the world.

Whilst the story looks promising on paper, it’s nothing but an attempt to right the wrongs by starting over a few things.

Warner Bros. and DC have endured a rough patch with a slew of big-budget flops, but steps are being taken to steer the ship clear of further damage.