VFX ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ special episode to premiere on 4 September on PBS Kids -

‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ special episode to premiere on 4 September on PBS Kids

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’s all new half hour special episode “King Daniel for the Day” will premiere on PBS Kids on 4 September. It will be followed by the launch of three additional grrr-iffic episodes of the Emmy nominated animated series from The Fred Rogers Company.

In “King Daniel for the Day”, Daniel Tiger is curious about what it is like to be a king. There is only one way to find out and King Friday dubs Daniel “King for the Day!” on his royal mission. Daniel discovers that the most important part of a king’s job is being kind to his neighbours.

In addition to tuning-in on PBS Kids, families and preschoolers can snuggle up and watch the special for free on PBS Kids website and via the PBS Kids video app. All the new episodes will be available on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel and live stream.

Still from the episode “King Daniel for the Day”

Below are descriptions for the week of new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood programming:

Monday, 4 September

King Daniel for the Day (half-hour special): Daniel Tiger is curious about what it’s like to be King.

Tuesday, 5 September

Firefighters at School: The volunteer firefighters of the neighborhood of make-believe make a special school visit to explain what they do for the students. Daniel and his friends discover that a person can be many different things, including a doctor and a firefighter – even at the same time!

Daniel’s Doll: Daniel receives a new doll from his Grandpere, and he can’t wait to pretend to be the daddy. When Katerina and O insist that Daniel pretends to be Tige-y the Adventure Tiger instead, Daniel reminds them that you can be more than one thing.

Still from the episode “King Daniel for the Day”

Wednesday, 6 September

Daniel’s Very Different Day: Daniel was expecting to have a special picnic at Katerina’s house, but the day doesn’t turn out quite as he had planned. Daniel learns how to adapt when his routine changes.

Class Trip to the Library: Daniel and his friends are excited to go on a field trip to the library, but they arrive to find that it’s closed. Together, they realise that when plans change, they can do things in a different way. Strategy: Things may change and that’s okay. Today we can do things a different way.

Thursday, 7 September

Daniel Loves Tigey: Daniel gets upset when Margaret spills juice on his favourite stuffed animal, Tigey. Daniel finds out how he can make himself feel better when he’s upset.

Daniel Needs Tigey at School: Daniel is having a hard day at school, but he knows just how to make himself feel better- by hugging his Tigey!