Tattoo artist creates stop motion videos of his work and they are arresting! -

Tattoo artist creates stop motion videos of his work and they are arresting!

The culture of getting your skin inked has never gone out of trend; the fad has only increased with people going crazy for the Hawaiian-styled tattoos.

While everyone wants a tattoo that no one else has, we hardly come across someone who will do something novel with the art.

Breaking this tattooing culture monotony is 29-year-old Canadian tattoo artist Phil Berge. This man creates stop-motion tattoos! Cowabunga stuff!

As reported by Mashable, Berge has been making stop-motion tattoo videos for a year now. Each image is a shot of his complete tattoo. He has to find clients on Instagram, where he posts photos of the next tattoo he wants to make in stop-motion.

“I try to keep the subjects interesting to tattoo collectors,” Berge told Mashable. “Then, people message me if they are interested and we set up an appointment to do the tattoo. People don’t usually know each other.”

Every video takes tremendous amount of time as Berge has to first find subjects, then do drawings, find people who want to get the drawings tattooed, photograph them and finally edit the video. A four-second loop video can take from one to three months to complete.

“The end result is really satisfying though,” said Berge, whose tattoos have been gaining massive popularity on internet.

As a kid, Berge experimented with stop-motion videos. “It’s something I used to do when I was a kid with my parents’ camera and figurines. So, now that I’m a tattooer, I decided to try it with tattoos for fun and it worked,” he shared. “And people liked it so I made a bunch more.”

Now, that’s the kind of stuff we look out for!

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