CII Summit FX 2021 is set to reset India’s AVGC record

The CII Media and Entertainment Committee is proud to present its 2nd edition of the CII Summit FX 2021, as a follow up to the blockbuster debut that the conclave had in its inaugural edition in 2020.

Appropriately, the theme for 2021 is “The Reset”. Emerging out of the two waves of COVID 19, many verticals within the Animation, Visual Affects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC) sector have seen several businesses continue to grow while “live action” related sectors have had an unavoidable set back in 2020. Some of the traditional sectors have since been recovering lost ground by reinventing new methods of production, embracing virtual production technologies to recover. This industry revival SummitFX21 seeks to spotlight, celebrate and help accelerate

CII National Media and Entertainment Committee Vice Chairman Biren Ghose

Talking about the significance of the upcoming summit, CII National Media and Entertainment Committee vice chairman Biren Ghose said, “CII has emerged as the definitive platform that has aggregated the various disparate digital and new media content creation verticals within the media and entertainment landscape. It seeks to showcase this transforming convergence across talent, tools and technologies in the computer graphics content creation arena. This sector needs urgent interventions in the areas of skills development, infrastructure support; & IP and services market access & business development to help scale jobs, exports & start-ups in India. We, as an industry, seek to highlight and discuss the potential enablers and blockers to making this “industry reset” a collaborative success.” 

The event will throw light on sunrise sectors like eSports. This together with online games is already the fastest growing sector in India’s M&E landscape. It is likely to outstrip the 100+ year old areas like films and other similar legacy industries in investments and revenues within the next one to two years. Special panels, reports from top flight consultants and buyer–seller exchanges will be featured to provide further fillip to the digital M&E landscape.

“Work from across the world is flowing to India at an ever increasing rate – how we take it or leave it or deliver it is what will cause the reset. The streaming platforms and online games have made the domestic market a fertile ground, flush with new opportunities. SummitFX21 will pioneer thought leadership and savvy in bringing together government, industry, academia, and technology giants to have “converging conversations” and be shown proof of concepts all under one virtual roof,” says Ghose who is also the conference chair for Summit FX 2021.

Industry leaders have come together to become “producers” of various sessions that will bring out sparkling, exciting and insightful sessions that will include the following themes:

·        The future of skills and talent in AR/VR

·        The evolution of Virtual Production – CG in Film & TV

·        Value Creation in AVGC

·        India stamps its “Footprint” on the Global Animation Map

·        The ‘boom’ in eSports and Online Games in India

·        India is now the “new normal” geography in VFX

·        Creativity – scaling new heights 

·        IP Production and Licensing

·        Security challenges and solutions – the future of work in a hybrid landscape

·        The role of educational institutions and EdTech in creating an industry ready workforce

·        Diversity Equity & Inclusion – industry leading social projects [game changer]

The event will feature a power packed agenda : buyer-seller market; keynotes delivered by government officials and industry leaders; panels and presentations by global executives and creatives; policy discussions, reports and whitepapers, etc. 

The event shall be spread over six days, 24 to 29 August 2021 on a virtual platform by CII.