VFX BioShock video games next instalment is under development

‘BioShock’ video games next instalment is under development

Publisher of the BioShock video games has announced that a new title is in development. Earlier games under the same franchise had the topics including human genetic modification, Ayn Rand’s philosophy of individualism, racism and quantum physics, in sci-fi inspired alternative versions of history.

Before the new team took charge in the development,the series’ fate had been in doubt after its creative director unexpectedly shut the studio involved in the last game five years ago.

In the upcoming game Ken Levine, the designer behind the first and third entries in the series, will not be involved.Instead, Take-Two Interactive Software said Kelley Gilmore will head up the project. She will serve as chief of Cloud Chamber – a new studio based across offices in Montreal, and near San Francisco according to BBC. Gilmore has previously worked on the Xcom and Civilisation franchises released by the same parent company.

In a press release, Take-Two noted that she is the first woman to launch and lead one of its development studios.
BioShock Infinite, in particular, was influenced by the political climate in which the game was developed – including the rise of the Tea Party in the United States.