Exclusive: ‘Shaktimaan’ is getting animated by WordSword Creations in 3D

Imagine it’s 1997, you’ve returned from school and would start watching Shaktimaan on DD National with your favourite hot bowl of Maggi on how the Indian superhero defeats Kilvish. I’m sure you wanna go back! Well, 90’s kids can now relive their childhood as India’s beloved superhero, Shaktimaan is coming back again in an animated ‘avatar’, as WordSword Creations are creating a 3D animated series and already has its 26 episodes ready as of now. Targeted at 10 to 25 year olds, WordSword Creations is creating the animation of Shaktimaan inhouse and has just launched the teaser at Mumbai Comic Con on 7 December. Popularised by actor/producer Mukesh Khanna, Shaktimaan ran for eight years (1997 to 2005) and highly influenced kids by instilling good thoughts and moral values in them. Personally, the message of eradicating sin and not sinners, and broadening of mind was the best takeaways from superhero series.  Founded by former pilot Manresh Malhotra and Catherine John, WordSword offers end to end solutions in the domain of 3D Animation with a complete pipeline from conceptualisation to final delivery of the project. Commenting on bringing back Shaktimaan, John shared, “The purpose of making Shaktimaan in animation is that today’s generation should know about our first Indian legendary superhero and the positive impact he had on the generations that followed. It is very important for us to incorporate those educative knowledge in today’s young generation that the character has already proved in the past.” Based out of New Delhi, WordSword Creations is a 3D Animation and VFX Studio who possess collective expertise of over a decade in establishing successful business verticals in diverse sectors with strong focus on Media and Entertainment. Their core areas of work includes animated series, short films, advertisements, commercials, edutainment videos and more.
Mukesh Khanna at Mumbai Comic Con
Talking to Animation Xpress, an excited Khanna who also produced and conceptualised the show back in the day said, “Shaktimaan became a global icon over the time, and ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’ became a catchphrase. The live-action was dubbed in various languages other than Hindi, but I always wanted it to be made in animation, as a superhero in that medium becomes immortal as this will remain even when I’ll cease to exist. Today’s kids are living in a fast life run by competition and internet. Kids sometimes need somebody to show them the right way. Shaktimaan, being a great icon in the past helped kids and gave guidance. Today’s kids I think need it more. In anyway, whatever is happening around us, like in Hyderabad or Unnao, and other places, is something I’m disturbed about which is due to lack of education and values for young adults. So, I think a character like Shaktimaan is the need of the hour.”   Khanna further added that he’s happy and privileged to be the first superhero in India long before Western superheroes came into vogue. He emphasised on the importance of a good story and that storytelling is what creates a lasting effect. “I can lend my resemblance and voice to a character but if it’s not good a piece of content, it won’t work,” he concluded. The makers are yet to decide the platforms on which the series will be showcased, but we can’t wait for Shaktimaan again!
Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan