Animated short, ‘Coffee Run’ is a relatable disaster-comedy for office goers

Bomper Studio based in Wales has produced a very relatable animated short, Coffee Run. The CGI animated short, which was created as part of an in-house competition to create the studio’s first stand-alone short and uses one character and single environment. Coffee Run is a testbed for a new production pipeline of the studio. With this, Bomper explored the talents of the team in highly specialist programs, including character animation in Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Substance Designer and Houdini for hair simulations.
Source: Animation Magazine
While talking to media, Bomper executive creative director Emlyn Davies said,“Our credo is to embrace our natural curiosity and challenge our ambitions. This philosophy paved the way for film which had three aims: to learn new skills outside of the constraints of a client project, to expand the studio pipeline, and to have a ton of fun in doing so.We get total creative freedom, and our artists can explore the areas of production where they don’t often get to ply their skills – all with less risk than if it were a live job.” Coffee Run gave artists at the studio an opportunity to multitask within an animated film. They assisted with script creation, rigging an animating and even shared inputs on the creative design and style of characters and animation. According to sources, the animation for Coffee Run was influenced by films like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Hotel Transylvania, Inner Workings and Looney Tunes.