An experience of IGX gaming expo and Playmax Esports Arena at IndiaJoy 2018

IndiaJOy 2018 is still not over! We are just returning from the recently concluded debut of IndiaJoy event which happened this 6 December 2018. On the gaming side, one of the biggest attractions at IndiaJoy was the IGX gaming expo and Playmax Esports Arena where the various tournaments were held. The gaming zone itself was held for three days out of the five-day event of IndiaJoy. Gamers came in from far and wide to participate in three days of pure uninterrupted gaming. Playstation had an entire zone dedicated to gaming where some of their best-known titles were available to play freely for all attendees. AMD too set up a dedicated experience zone where gamers were playing while live streaming their game online as well as to a theatre-style audience enjoying the sport. On the other hand, a dedicated arena by Playmax was set up for multiple competitive games. One of them was for Counter-Strike which is one of the mainstream competitive game and has a decade-long history in the world of Esports. It also included a zone just for PubG mobile which is one of the latest phenomena in the gaming world. One of the newer competitive games was Rainbow 6 Seige which had players from as far as Bangladesh coming in just to participate in the competition. The Playmax esports tournament was conducted in association with Playtonia (a recently funded gaming startup from Chennai) and UGH from Hyderabad. The prizes for the victorious teams came in the form of some of the latest gaming gadgets from Logitech G which was the principal prize sponsor. The final awards ceremony happened on day three with Ravi Kiran – head of IndiaJoy and Srinivas, the official representative from Logitech awarding the total prize money of Rs. 3,50,000  to the victors. The event was one of the largest that Hyderabad has ever witnessed and certainly, it was one of the biggest gaming events in India. We expect IndiaJoy to return next year at a much larger scale for gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike.