VFX Little Singham's L&M mandate goes to Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre wins licensing mandate for ‘Little Singham’

India’s foremost licensing and branding representation company, Dream Theatre, has won the mandate for licensing and merchandising for animated kids show Little Singham, which is inspired by the popular film franchise Singham

Created in collaboration between Discovery Kids, Reliance Animation & Rohit Shetty Picturez, Little Singham, was launched in summer 2018. It soon became one of the most popular shows in a very short span of time and helped propel Discovery Kids ratings, making it the fastest-growing channel in the kids’ genre in 2018. 

The Licensing and merchandising partnership with Dream Theatre will further extend the franchise by building a large and comprehensive licensing portfolio comprising toys, apparel, back to school merchandise, footwear, fashion accessories, bags, sporting accessories, FMCG promotions, retail partnerships and more.

Jiggy George

Little Singham is a phenomenal success story, showcasing the coming together of the best in business in India and Dream Theatre is thrilled to manage the licensing portfolio for the franchise. It has all the tick marks of engaging Indian storytelling, vast content library, popularity and platforms, making it a top licensing choice for partners,” mentioned Dream Theatre founder and CEO Jiggy George.

The Little Singham Mobile Game has further added to the IP’s success, hitting the top of the charts in the Arcade section by garnering more than 10 million downloads. The show is broadcast in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telegu and continues its success story.

Commenting on the partnership, Reliance Animation COO Tejonidhi Bhandare said, “We are excited to work with Dream Theatre to bring Little Singham products and services to our fans. The licensing program will offer them another opportunity of engaging with the brand beyond the screen and make Little Singham a part of their lives with authentic products across a wide-ranging portfolio.”