With Riot’s new ‘Valorant’ update buy ‘Valorant’ points (VP) with Paytm in India

Indian Valorant players had been demanding Paytm as a payment method, and finally, Riot has pushed an update after which Indian users can buy VP with Paytm in India. This was bound to happen sooner or later since Paytm is a widely used mobile wallet in India.

For the unaware, Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system that’s prevalent across the South Asian country as one of the most popular virtual payment methods. Till now, Indians had no option to buy Valorant Points using domestic methods and had to resort to other services like PayPal for in-game transactions.

From now on, Indian players can simply click on the Valorant Points icon towards the top-right of the main menu next to the ‘Store’ tab and select ‘Paytm’ to buy themselves some VP.

Here are the rates of Valorant Points in India:

  • 475 Points – Rs 399 
  • 1000 Points – Rs 799 
  • 2050 Points – Rs 1,599 
  • 3650 Point –Rs 2,699
  • 5350 Points – Rs 3,999 
  • 11000 Points – Rs 7,900 

Paytm as a payment method in Valorant has opened a whole lot of payment options for Indian users as it supports UPI and all domestic cards among others. Valorant Points can be used in-game for a variety of purposes. You can buy yourself some nice weapon skins, purchase the Act Three Battle Pass, or even unlock all your favourite agents using VP.