‘The Witcher 3: Noonwraiths’ lead to Geralt feeling sympathy but why?

Thanks to the Netflix adaptation, The Witcher, the rising popularity of The Witcher 3 has taken off. This is one of the scariest and unique names that features one of the most interesting main characters. Geralt (The Witcher) encounters a truly frightening character, a specter called Noonwraith. Playing this game features a scary atmosphere, as all peasants in the game fear the Noonwraith, and each room you enter is a dimly lit room. 

The Witcher 3 has dropped in price, so if you are looking for a game that will take up a few hours in the game, take a look at this universally renowned experience. 


Welcome to the main villain of the game. Noonwraiths are created with their own tragic story, which is one of the reasons why gamers are drawn to them. The Noonwraith appears in the sun, and can get as hot as Leovegas India. These creatures are so powerful in the sun that characters in the game are said to get heat stroke if they are nearby. At night, Noonwraiths are weakened, so they use the day to recruit farmers and travelers to join them in a dangerous dance. 

It’s surprising that the main antagonist in the game appears in the thick of daylight. Much of this has to do with the backstory of the Noonwraith. Before becoming this monster, Noonwraiths were brides that died tragically. They are trapped by their proposal gifts and the area that they died (of if they were murdered). They patrol the area where they perished, looking to kill those who crossed them.

The Intro

The story begins with the encounter with the Noonwraith in the White Orchard. The story shows a couple beginning to be married, but something tragic happens. The bride receives her engagement gift. The couple tries to leave the village controlled by an abusive Lord, but the Lord begs them to return. After the couple refuses, the Lord kills everyone and hangs the bride in the well, leaving her skeleton to dissipate. Her bracelet and arm eventually fall into the well for Geralt to find. 

The bride becomes a Noonwraith, the scary, paranormal, and vengeful ghost. At this point, Geralt must find a way to top her blind rage that leads to killing everything in sight. As Geralt, you must find a way to slay the monster, cleanse the ghost, and close the investigation. 

The Sympathy

Without giving too many spoilers, it’s Geralt’s reaction throughout the game that keeps this game on your toes. Needless to say, you will eventually slay the Noonwraith, but it leads you to more cases. For those that have played The Witcher in the past, Geralt is not known for his emotional reaction to killing. You see, Witchers are made with magic to combat the many monsters that explore the land. Most Witchers view themselves as monsters, so feeling sympathy or empathy is not an emotional response that we normally see. 

It’s different this time around. Despite being a seasoned veteran, Geralt feels bad for the Noonwraith he kills. If you want to learn more about why he feels sympathy, play the game and come up with your own conclusion.