‘Witcher 3’ mod Triss Merigold looks similar to Netflix actor

Despite delays from COVID-19 pandemic The Witcher season 2 is going back into production, meanwhile Modders, are putting the Netflix cast back to work before the show itself resumes. A new mod released this week, Netflix Triss Merigold, remodels The Witcher 3‘s Triss after actor Anna Shaffer. The mod surprisingly looks similar to the actor of the Netflix series.

Shaffer looks quite different from CD Projekt Red’s interpretation of Triss, which was apparently a small controversy when the show came out. You can see some of that whining echoed in the mod’s comments, but there’s also praise. “I think this is the best face texture mod I’ve ever seen for this game, absolutely amazing,” wrote one user.

Previously modders also created Yennefer’s face model with the likeness of actor Anya Chalotra. Apart from that there are also multiple Henry Cavill mods for The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 came out in 2015, but it’s recently had a rise in players thanks to the release of the TV series, The Witcher, that came out on Netflix on 20 December last year. Since then, the fanbase has gone wild with videos, fanart, memes, and even fanfiction. Even better, you can get the full Witcher Netflix treatment on PC thanks to a variety of mods that have been uploaded online.

Mods have always been a way for players to improve their game and make it match their personal tastes. And we knew the moment that the Witcher series was announced that, no matter if it did terribly or not, there would be mods out there that wanted to replicate and cross the divide between the world of TV and video games.

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