The changing landscape of skill games in India -

The changing landscape of skill games in India

Skill games like solitaire are changing the gaming landscape of India and are rapidly becoming one of the best ways to keep one entertained and to test one’s skills and abilities. 

Gaming has been around since time immemorial. Modern social dynamics and the advent of networking circles have entirely changed the way games are played now. In the digital world, online gaming has started to dominate the market.  

The online gaming industry in India has been experiencing rapid growth in the last few years. Card games like solitaire online have witnessed a CAGR of 67.58 per cent, generating a revenue of Rs 730 crores. On the other hand, fantasy sports, which is the other major skill game, has grown by 199.69 per cent and generated total earnings of Rs 67 crores. As per a survey by, an average gamer spends a minimum of one to two hours in each game session. 

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of online gaming is its convenience. It removes the need for players to have equipment like physical cards, boards or even a computer to play. You can play online games on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Gamers tend to prefer playing online games as they are flexible, entertaining and allow them to interact with players across the country. Online gaming apps have come to the rescue of people who are always on the move. 

Gone are the days when online gaming was only about PUBG, Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Skill games are the latest trend in the online gaming sector, and they have completely redefined the online gaming scenario. The attitude of gamers in India has switched from casual to a much serious approach, leading to rapid growth of the RMG sector. 

So what is a skill game? Skill games are games that require players to have skills, knowledge, attention, training, experience and other attributes to win. These attributes and skills are the major deciding factor in the outcome of such games. India is experiencing a boom in the skill gaming industry like never before. 

Why and how did skill games become so popular in India? The affordability of the internet and the availability of cheap, user-friendly smartphones are the two most significant factors that have contributed to the rise of skill gaming in India. Now these skill games can be played online simply at the tap of a button.

Some of the most popular skill games played in India are rummy and solitaire. With the introduction of such skill games into the online sphere, the popularity of these games has grown multifold. These games moved from just being a leisure activity to a thrilling challenge where people use their minds and skills to outsmart their opponents. With advanced technology and an increasing number of game developers, online platforms opened doors for millions of players to play online and showcase their skills. 

To make their platforms suitable for both beginners and expert players, online solitaire platforms like Solitaire Gold offer free unlimited practice matches, multiplayer modes, daily bonuses and exciting tournaments with big prizes. Gamers can install the app on their mobile phone and play solitaire online with real players from across the country and win big prizes. 

New players can always begin by playing a lot of practice games to enhance their gaming skills. Once they feel confident about their game, they can join cash games and tournaments and win big cash prizes and other exciting rewards. One of the most important things to remember while playing solitaire is that not all solitaire games can be solved or won. According to some estimates, about 10per cent to 20per cent games are unsolvable. 

Gaming platforms like Solitaire Gold provide players with an opportunity to play solitaire online around the clock in the comfort of their homes. All that is needed to play the game is a solitaire game download onto your mobile phone and a stable internet connection.

Skill games like solitaire are breaking records, and the popularity of these games is soaring day by day in India. Game developers and providers are constantly upgrading and enhancing their platforms to provide an enhanced gaming experience and a safe and secure environment to all their players. With many stakeholders in the industry, the future of skill gaming is definitely bright in the country.