Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teases fans with Xbox collaboration

Actor-athlete Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has begun teasing a new collaboration with Microsoft, and it seems to involve the Xbox Series X. The Fast & Furious actor took to Instagram  to tease the collaboration. In a video posted on the social media platform, Johnson unpacked a box that came with a card including the logos for the Xbox Series X. Johnson did not unbox the package any further, leaving fans and gamers to speculate what the collaboration would entail.

Johnson’s recently launched energy drink brand, ZOA.Upon unboxing the package, a crate of Zoa Energy, which is a drink that Johnson sponsors, was found inside. Rather than just being a typical box of Zoa Energy, however, this iteration seemed to be a bit different. Johnson showed off a note that came with the package that, while it was too blurry to be readable, clearly contained the Xbox logo on the note’s bottom portion.



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Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media officially concluded last week, and soon after that numerous Bethesda Softworks games were added to Xbox Game Pass from series like FalloutThe Elder Scrolls, and Dishonored.

Many first-party Microsoft games are also in the works for its Xbox Series X/S, and fans were given an update on Halo Infinite via a developer Q&A earlier today. For example, it was confirmed by 343 Industries that dual-wielding likely won’t return in Halo Infinite, but the developers are putting a larger focus on changing the game’s world based on elements like weather or time of day.

Fans of Johnson’s acting career, wrestling, or other ventures like ZOA Energy will have to wait to see what’s in the box.