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Best PC games in 2023

We are at the beginning of what could easily be one of the most exciting years ever for video game enthusiasts all over the globe. A recent survey was conducted by the esports and betting picks website Bettingpicks4You.com to determine what the main pastime of youth aged 21 to 24 is. 3,000 youth were asked a few questions, and one of them was whether they spent more time during the day watching sports or playing video games. Interestingly, 68 per cent of respondents said video games, and this is up by seven per cent if compared with another survey that was run three years ago. So the trend is surely toward video games among youngsters. 

Based on the announcements, we should indeed be in for a spectacular range of popular titles this year. However, we will still take this with a pinch of salt having learned that not all games are always released by initial plans.

With so many fantastic titles set to hit the planet in 2023, it is very difficult to underline a list of the very best options. Nevertheless, we have done our best to cover many distinct genres as well as to cut the list as much as possible because nobody wants to read about 30+ games at once. Stay tuned and enjoy the list of the very best video games set to be released this year. 

Hogwarts Legacy

We will start with the Hogwarts Legacy, one of the first games to see daylight in 2023. We have been waiting on this title for more than two years and we can’t wait to see whether the Legacy is as magical as it appears to be. The good old wizardry school looks authentically designed with a lot of attention being paid to details. We hope the game will take us to the magical world with its intriguing gameplay.

Company of Heroes 3

The third edition of the Company of Heroes serial is characterised by the innovative, rich, and dynamic approach of the creators. The players will be able to select between two campaigns, the Mediterranean and the North African respectively. They will try and release Italy as an Ally force through both direct battles on the fronts as well as the tactics on the big map. The other campaign where you will use the Axis forces in Africa should offer a standard battlefront with an addition of a tactical pause that will suit the new players who are still not used to this type of game.


Those who like to read about space and distant planets can’t wait for the release of Starfield, allegedly scheduled for the first half of the year. If the mere idea of exploring the other forms of life outside of our planet makes you entertained, this is certainly the title you just can’t afford to ignore. The game may bring hundreds of possible bugs but even despite them, it should offer the peak level of entertainment for anyone who wants to escape everyday life and become an astronaut for at least several days (months).

Diablo IV

The previous Diablo sequence offered a highly entertaining alternative hell designed by the Warcraft aesthetics. The new, fourth edition, is set to bring us the good old Diablo that reminds us of the game we used to have back at the time. We have plenty of reasons for optimism based on everything Blizzard released so far about this game. The bloody dark world, a huge map with multiplayer elements, optional micro-transactions for cosmetic purposes, and a deep system of character development are only some of the segments granting unique experiences.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport has all prospects of being technically the most advanced racing game in gaming history. This is quite a bold announcement and we can’t wait to see whether it will indeed live up to the ambitions. What is new in comparison to its predecessors is the ability of the asphalt temperature measures and the possibility of fueling up your vehicle. All races will come with interchangeable weather conditions as well as shifts between day and night. We will also see some new circuits on the menu, such as those in South Africa and Japan.

Street Fighter VI

Although this is the game’s sixth edition, Street Fighter never fails to impress us with novelties. One-third of the fighters will be the new characters. We will have the new option in which we are allowed to create our own champion. There will be five different fight techniques, two control schemes, as well as the popular super combo moves from the Alpha version. On top, the game will also represent an action adventure with the opportunity of exploring the levels in the World Tour mode.

Marvel’s Spider-Man II

We will complete the list with the long-awaited second edition of Spider-Man. The games around the globe were thrilled with the first game in 2018 and many wondered whether it was possible to beat that game. We are not certain about the answer, but we will at least have a chance to find out in the second half of the year when Marvel’s Spider-Man II is due to be released. On top of Miles Morales and Peter Parker, we will have the appearance of two villains Craven and Venom in this game. The expectations can hardly be higher and we just can’t wait for the game to go live.